Strategic combat set in the future


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Union is a turn-based strategy game set in a not-too-distant future where you control a group called The Union, an NGO fighting the big corporations that dominate the world.

The game's story, then, is centered around global issues; over time, the Earth has been divided between four large corporations. Only you can keep things from getting worse.

Once you begin to play, you can control three different characters in turns. Each of the three has its own action items and special abilities, so you'll have to be smart in order to use them wisely.

One, for example, has very few action items but is best for close-range attacks. Another can go very long distances to draw enemy fire away.

Graphically speaking, Union is nothing fancy, but it takes place in an interesting version of the future that is in some ways reminiscent of the Mass Effect saga.

Union is a turn-based strategy game with touches of role. It's not very long, but the gaming experience is consistent.
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